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our owners
Gladys, Lester, Christy, and Bill Herron

We are a Christian family owned and operated small business.

Our President, Gladys Herron, brings to the table several years of entrepeneurial experience having owned and operated several businesses in Kentucky prior to her move to Indiana.

Gladys has held management positions in a multi-million dollar engineering and a construction firm where she dealt with the bidding process and contract negotiations on a daily basis which has proved to be invaluable to this company. She is factory trained by Lockman Peck, AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) certified, and 30-Hour OSHA Training certified.

Our CEO, Christy Herron, graduated from Indiana University in 1996. Under her leadership as President we met our goal for a 600% increase in sales in 2007 over 2006. Christy's determination and assertiveness was instrumental in procuring one of our largest clients in the healthcare industry.

Christy's goal is for A&M Door to be recognized by our customers as providing the highest standard of customer service in the industry while earning the respect of our employees by being a great place to work.

In addition to her duties at A&M Door, she works full time at Methodist Hospital.

With over 11 years in the automatic and manual door business and a background in engineering our Service Manager, Bill Herron, has the expertise to resolve problems and design systems as needed.

Last, but not least, our Inventory Manager, Lester Herron, brings a wealth of experience to the company. He spent 27 years helping to satisfy customers nationwide in the trucking industry. His honest, down-to-earth personality has earned the loyality and respect of our customers.


Factory Trained

AAADM Certified

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